8 General Instructions to Start Business with Rados

Every business is based on mutual trust. We suggest every client to take some time to understand Rados before placing orders. In the meanwhile, there’re some basic instructions you may follow.

1. Find out if Rados rates are acceptable.

To quote precisely and produce accordingly, we suggest you express samples via any courier. The suggested sample length is around 20 cm. After we get your samples tested, we’ll be able to quote the best rates for you to suit the market. You may refer to the example video below. By sending samples to us, our clients will also understand the quality level of wires and cables they are selling. Rados Cable examine the quality of samples carefully and send samples to raw material suppliers to test frequently. To extrude insulation or sheath exactly according to clients’ samples, we further confirm samples that are produced according to these provided by our clients with raw material suppliers before any procurement.

In case you don’t have any sample in hand, we may offer suggested rates according to previous orders from your region.

2. Order Confirmation

After your samples are tested and prices agreed, we may send samples for you to confirm if they’re in stock. Rados encourage our clients to request samples before placing orders to gain more confidence in us. Rados provide samples (< 1 m) for free while our clients are expected to pay for the courier cost. Samples and courier costs will be free after the first order. There’re two means to pay the courier cost.

  • T/T directly to our official account.
  • Freight collect: either provide us your express account of DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc or ask your courier for RPI (Remote Pickup Inquiry) service.

>>Click here to submit your sample request.

While, in most common cases, samples are probably not stocked due to many factors. One basic factor is that cables are in various constructions and stocks take too much investment. Under such circumstances, some clients may place a normal order to us directly. However, you’re strongly suggested to place a trial order to test the quality, delivery, and service. A trial order quantity is based on MOQ and confirmed in every single order. The quantity can vary from 500 m to dozens of kilometers. Production limitations and total rates affect the quantity most.

3. Custom Clearance

In China, it will be taken care of by Rados. Customs clearance in destination ports is normally completed by our clients. The popular solution is to find a professional broker company and pay a small amount of cost. In some countries, there’s no need for our clients to worry about it under DDU/DDP payment terms. In DDU/DDP conditions, destination port operations will all be taken care of by broker companies. Clients will sit until they’re noticed to pick up goods directly. Some strong brokers can clear without necessary certificates such as SONCAP, PVOC, ECTN, etc.

Common custom clearance documents include B/L (bill of loading), commercial invoice and packing list. Other documents such as C/O (country of origin), FORM A and FORM E are subject to different requirements in different countries. It’s very important for both the seller and the buyer to learn the latest requirements to avoid any trouble in destination ports.

4. Delivery Time

It’s subject to confirmation depending on the order quantity and production schedule. The best record we kept was delivering 12 km cables within 9 days FOB Shanghai, China. Normally, we recommend you to inquire at least 2 months ahead of the date you’d like to receive goods in your country. It takes 15 days to 45 days for shipment alone based on the distance. According to our experience, it takes 7 to 10 days to confirm an order ideally. Considering raw material preparation and custom clearance in both countries, it’s seldom too early to place an international order.

5. Cable Packaging

We design and offer you the most economic packaging and loading solutions for your goods. The basic logic is to minimize the chance of cables being damaged during transportation and save freight cost at the same time. Popular packaging styles include wooden drums, steel-wooden drums, plastic reels, paper reels, coils, pallets, etc. You can learn about more packaging styles at the Rados Product Knowledge page. We can also pack according to your requirements.

6. Acceptable Trade Terms

  • FOB (Free on Board) Shanghai / Ningbo / Qingdao / Guangzhou, China.
  • CNF (Cost and Freight) destination port.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight) destination port.
  • DDU/DDP (please confirm with us) destination places.

7. Acceptable Currencies

  • U.S Dollars
  • CNY (Chinese Yuan)

8. Transportation Forwarders

We have a good relationship and partnership with international reliable forwarders to ensure your goods to be delivered timely. The transportation from our factory to destination seaports will be taken care of by Rados under CNF, CIF, DDU, DDP trading terms. Transportation from seaports in China to destination seaports will be taken care of by our clients under EXW and FOB trading terms. In this case, Rados can suggest reliable forwarders for your consideration. Most popular seaports in China include Shanghai, Ningbo, Huangpu, Qingdao, etc.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this article! Now you may keep reading on How to Start Importationrefer to our FAQ page for extra information or email us directly at [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]

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