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Well aware of the fact that the market’s main requirement towards our manufactured products is their reliability, We subject our cables to rigorous QA protocols to ensure compliance with national, international and industry standards. We undertake cable routine testing on our inbound cable products as well as cable type testing on our customized cable designs.

For Rados, quality is paramount. The highly respected “Rados Quality” is guaranteed without any compromise”. We are proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified cable manufacturer. Quality is strictly controlled from original designation to every manufacturing process. Raw materials are sourced from national renowned suppliers and are subject to tests before entering raw material warehouse. However, quality for us is not only related to our products. We believe that everyone needs to contribute to the preservation of our environment.

Rados Cable implement the sustainable development strategy and highlight the sense of social responsibility. We are committed to ensure our routine work comply with all applicable environment related laws and requirements. For example:

  • Maintaining safety, health legislation & regulation for safety.
  • To make employees aware of avoiding the hazards, training and supervision is provided .
  • Optimize the usage of raw materials, water & energy.
  • Strict control over waste.
  • Providing safety equipment to all employees
  • Executing & retaining an environment policy.
  • Build awareness among all employees for green, clean & safe environment.


  •  Quality guidelines.
  •  Quality targets.
  •  Quality manual.
  •  Training courses for workers.
  •  Strict contract review.
  •  Production schedule.
  •  Raw material inspection and test.
  •  Guiding documents in different manufacturing procedures.
  •  Routine quality inspection (tests implemented in different manufacturing processes, finished cable tests, etc).
  •  Packing and transportation manuals.
  •  Product color code tracking.
  •  Unqualified product control.
  •  Regular inbound quality improvement checking.
  •  Supplier evaluation and selection.
  •  Tests carried out for outsourced cables.

All our activities aim at quality and customer satisfaction – these are the standards by which we are judged. Committed and creative employees contribute their abilities to the realization of this goal. The long term relationship we have with many of our clients is the best reference for the quality of our products.