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BS 5308 Part 1 Type 2 Individually And Collectively Screened Galvanized Steel Wire Armoured Instrumentation Cable

Rados Cable – Cat.: Instrumentation Cable

Applicable Standards: BS 5308 part 1, BS EN 50288-7, NF M87-202, etc


300/500 V single pair and multi-pair individually and overall screened galvanized round steel wire armoured instrumentation cables.


Generally used when the risk of mechanical damage is increased. For outdoor installation for direct burial or installed in the duct and suitable for wet and damp areas. Applications include industrial process manufacturing plants for communication, data and voice signals transmission. Also used for the interconnection of electrical equipment and instruments, typically in petroleum industry.


ConductorAnnealed or tinned copper
0.5mm², 0.75mm² : multi-stranded (Class 5)
0.5 mm², 1.0 mm² : solid(Class 1)
1.5mm², 2.5mm² : multi-stranded(Class 2) to BS 6360
InsulationPE, XLPE, Silicone Rubber, Mica + XLPE
PairingTwo insulated conductors uniformly twisted together with a lay not exceeding 100 mm
Clour CodeRefer to technical information
Individual ScreenAluminum / polyester tape is applied over each pair, metallic side down in contact with tinned copper drain wire sized 0.5 mm²
Binding TapePolyester tape
Collective ScreenAluminum / polyester tape is applied over the laid up pairs, metallic side down in contact with tinned copper drain wire sized 0.5 mm²
BeddingPE, LSZH
ArmouringRound galvanized steel wires
Outer SheathPVC, LSZH
ColourBlack, Blue


Rating Voltage: 300/500 V
Temperature Rating: 0°C ~ 70°C (PVC),  0°C ~ 90°C (XLPE),  – 30°C ~ 105°C (LSZH)
Minimum Bending Radius: 5 x overall diameter

SPECIFICATIONS – CU / PE / IS / OS / PE / SWA / PVC – 0.75 mm2

Nominal Cross- Sectional Area (mm2)Nominal Thickness of Insulation (mm)Nominal Thickness of Sheath (mm)Nominal Overall Dimensions (mm)Nominal Weight (kg/km)


The wooden drums we used are made of fine grade wood and the drums are best suited for winding of wires & cables. They are tested in terms of durability and length holding & load taking capacity. Our company can offer all kinds of cable products with suitable wooden drums packing as per clients specific requirements.

  • Common packing length: 100 m ~ 8,000 m / wooden drum
  • Delivery choices: wooden drums, small wooden drums + cartons, small wooden drums + pallets, small wooden drums + outer cartons (optional) + pallets

Steel wooden drums are anti-termite treated. It’s necessary especially in tropical countries. Otherwise, cables may be wasted due to termites attack on drums. Steel wooden drums are customized according to orders so that they will be strong enough to withstand the weight of cables. They must be protected with wooden battens before delivery.

In order to secure cables, drums must be properly fastened in containers no matter LCL or FCL. Rados pay special attention to it and issued a complete cable delivery handle book to the best benefit of our clients.

  • Common packing length: 250 m ~ 8,000 m / drum
  • Delivery choices: steel wooden drums, steel wooden drums + customized pallets

Polypropylene (PP) woven are often used to semi-finished cable products. It’s a quite common packing style.

  • Single coil packing length: 100 yard / 100 m / 200 m / 300 m
  • Inner packing: 4 ~10 PP woven packed coils in one PP woven bag
  • Delivery choices: PP woven, PP woven + PP woven bags, PP woven + PP woven bags  (optional) + pallets

You can learn about more packaging styles at Rados Product Knowledge page.


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