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Dear customer,

In order to offer you better service and make our quality, shipment and service best match your needs, we're ready to listen to your comments or suggestions with an open mind. Please take your time to finish the customer satisfaction survey. It takes about 3 minutes. Thank you!

How do you think of the quality of cables supplied?
Feedback on the quality of cables from your end clients.
Are you satisfied with our product's body appearance such as color, printing and shape?
Are you satisfied with our packaging?
Was it easy to get cables transported based on current packing design?
What's the package status when you received cables after long distance transportation?
Are you satisfied with our staff's attitude?
Are you satisfied with our staff's reaction speed, such as email and phone calls?
Is it easy and efficient to communicate with our sales representatives?
How do you think of our reliability?
Are you satisfied about our professional skill and technical ability?
Your willingness to continue cooperation with Rados.

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