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Being professional and impressive, specialized in wire & cable industry, supporting wholesalers, distributors, traders, contractors, engineering companies as well as retailers, Rados offers a wide range of wires and cables satisfying complex demands in different markets.

Established in 2008, Jiangsu Rados Cable Co., Ltd is very near from Shanghai & Ningbo ports. Rados is a professional manufacturer of electrical wire and cable, speaker cable, welding cable, fire alarm cable, battery cable, rubber cable, control cable, instrument cable, etc. We aim at providing sound quality cables and wires for industries including electrical, construction, industrial, residential, oil & gas, telecommunication, information & technology, etc.

Rados have full sets of production and test equipment. With the guarantee of technical force, we can produce according to different standards such as BS, ASTM, IEC, DIN, AS/NZS, etc. Rados honor its market with not only sound quality control but also professional operation of international orders. Internationally, our team handled orders from over 20 countries including the United States, Australia, Chile, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, UAE, etc.

We believe in a service-oriented outlook and manifest it through order processing, deliveries, customer relations, etc. But above all, “Quality First” is our foremost consideration. Cheaper products made from inferior materials are unacceptable due to their potentially damaging effects. Low quality goods are uneconomical and can possibly endanger lives. This is why we believe in “Quality First” as the biggest service to our partners and customers. This has been the principal contributor to our success as well. Rados Cable aims to be your trust-worthy, stable and long-term business partner.


  • Devote every effort to the growth of our clients.
  • Maximize value for society.
  • Providing support and sound solutions to clients continuously.
  • Be an corporate worthy of respect.
  • Creating value for clients and society is the only reason for the existence of Rados Cable.

Our relationships with customers, interactions with colleagues and affiliations with suppliers are guided by the values below we hold. They form the basis of our routine work.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Team
  • Earnest Work
  • Responsibility